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Aten Uc232a Driver


Privacy Policy feedback italiano | english | deutsch | français | español Contact Sitemap Products Solutions Support Content About us Sales Network Support Software Software Activation Firmware REI2 All rights reserved. The system was working as expected. or its affiliates productapppricinghow to buySupportnewscontact Change location Buy Bridgemate Support Center Home › Bridgemate Pro › Windows 10 64-bit driver for U... http://pcprogram.org/usb-to/aten-usb-to-serial-driver-download.html

Problems can arise when your hardware device is too old or not supported any longer.Aten UC232A Converter Driver Aten UC232A USB-to-Serial Driver Aten UC232A Driver UC232A USB Aten USB-to-Serial Converter DOWNLOAD My email is waring(a)xta.co.uk (subs the (a) for @ of course. Site-wide Copyright XTA Electronics Limited 2014. You need to uninstall the device completely and then plug it into a different USB port on your machine.

Aten Uc232a Driver

English Ελληνικα (Greek) Home Products Support Company Tech Blog Distributors Contact Us Home Products Support Company Tech Blog Distributors Contact Us You are here: Home > Tech Blog > 4 Series The alternative drivers worked for windows 2008 server 64bit. It provides PCs, notebook PCs and handheld computing devices using a USB port an external Serial RS232 port. The driver will now be un-installed.

Jon Reply admin says: January 10, 2013 at 9:25 am We are here to serve Jon, a bit like your Windows Home server. The driver will now be installed. Please select a subcategoryN/A2L-29102L-29102L-4101-GR2L-4101-GR2L-4102-GR2L-4103-GR2L-4103-GR2L-4105-GR2L-4105-GR2L-4110-GR2L-4110-GR2L-4115-GR2L-4115-GR2L-4120-GR2L-4120-GR2L-NS060102L-NS060152L-NS060202L-NS060302L-NS060352L-NS060402L-NS060602L-7D02DH2L-7DX3U2L-7DX2U2L-1001P/C2L-1003P/C2L-1005P/C2L-1006P/C2L-1010P/C2L-1020P/C2L-1001P2L-1003P2L-1005P2L-1010P2L-5301UP2L-1020P2L-5302UP2L-1030P2L-5303UP2L-1040P2L-5302UU2L-5201P2L-5303UU2L-5202P2L-5305UU2L-5202A2L-5203P2L-5203A2L-5206P2L-5205A2L-5201U2L-5301P2L-5202U2L-5302P2L-5203U2L-5303P2L-5205U2L-5301U2L-5305P2L-5001P/C2L-5302U2L-5002P/C2L-5303U2L-5003P/C2L-5005P/C2L-5305U2L-5202UP2L-5702P2L-1701P2L-5203UP2L-1703P2L-5205UP2L-1705P2L-5206UP2L-1710P2L-5502UP2L-5503UP2L-1701S2L-5506UP2L-7D02UI2L-7D03UI2L-5001U2L-7D02U2L-7D02UD2L-5002U2L-7D03UD2L-5003U2L-7D03U2L-7D05UD2L-5005U2L-7D05U2L-7D02UHDiscontinued Product2L-1030P/C2L-1040P/C2L-520AS2L-5304P2L-5304U2L-1601P2L-5602UP2L-1603P2L-5603UP2L-1605P2L-5606UP2L-1606P2L-1610P2L-5603P2L-5602P2L-5601P2L-29012L-28012L-BU5E0012L-BU5E0022L-BU5E0032L-BU5E0052L-BU5E0102L-BU5E0202L-BU5E0302L-BU5E0402L-BU5E0602L-5205B2L-5203B2L-5202B2L-24102L-24402L-2402ADiscontinued ProductLIN5-68H1-H11G2L-27002L-27012L-27032L-27052L-27152L-17002L-17012L-17032L-17052L-17152L-1700KM2L-1701KM2L-1704KMLINS-50H1-H122L-7D03DD2L-7D05DD2L-7D10DDLIN7-32W3-G11GLIN7-32W3-G12GLIN5-26W1-W11G2L-7D02VDiscontinued Product2L-7D02I2L-7D02P2L-7D03P2L-7D05P2L-7D02H-12L-7D02H-12L-7D03H2L-7D03H2L-7D05H2L-7D05H2L-7D10H2L-7D10H2L-7D15H2L-7D15H2L-7D20H2L-7D20H2L-7D02H2L-7D02DP2L-7D02DP2L-7D03DP2L-7D03DP2X-031G2X-031G2X-021G2X-021G2X-010G2X-011G2X-012G2X-023G2X-024G2X-025GCE610ACE610ACE624CE620KE6900STKE6900TKE6900RKE6940TKE6940RKE6900KE6940CE680CE690CE790CE610CE604CE774CE775CE350CE370CE600CE250ACE602CE100CE770CE252CE700ACE800BCE750ACE750ADiscontinued ProductKE0220CE300CE750KA9250CE250CE800CE220CE120CE700CS1914CS1912CS1912CS1922CS1922CS1924CS1924CS782DPCS72DCS74DCS1642ACS1644ACS1942CS1944CS72UCS74UCS1782ACS1784ACS82UCS84UCS1762ACS1764ACS1792CS1794CS1732BCS1734BCS1774CS1742CM1164CS1744CS1732ACS1734ACS72ECS74ECS82ACS84ACS102UDiscontinued ProductCM0264CS1642CS1644CS1784CS1782CS1772CS1262CS1762CS1764CS912CS914CS104UCS12CS14CS124AACS1602CS74ACS114ACS72ACS1724CS142CS1732CS1734CS74MCS1722CS22DPCV211CV211CS22DCS692CS64USCS682CS22UCS62SCS62USCS52ACS52CS62CS64UCS64ACS62UCS62ADiscontinued ProductCS62TCS661CS52DCS62DUCS62DCS62BCS521CS522KK-11111KL1116VNKL1116VNKL1108VNKL1108VNCL6708MWCL6708MWCL6700MWCL1308CL1316CL1000NKL1508AiKL1516AiCL6700CL3000KL1508AKL1516ACL5808CL5816CL5800CL5708CL5716CL1000CL1016CL1008KL9116CL1308NDiscontinued ProductKL3116TKL1100KL1508KL1516KL9108KL3116KL1116KL0116CS1208DL / 1216DLCS1200LCS1216SLCL1758CL1208 / CL1216CL1200ACS1208AL / 1216ALKN1132VKN1000ACN8000AKN2116VAKN2132VAKN4116VAKN4132VAKN4164VKN8132VKN8164VCN8600KN1108vKN1116vKN2116vKH1508AiKH1516AiKN1000CS1708iCS1716iKN2140vKN4140vKN2116AKN2132KN4132CN8000IP8000KN2124VAKN2124VAKN2140VAKN2140VAKN4124VAKN4124VAKN4140VAKN4140VADiscontinued ProductKN2132vKN4116vKN4132vKN2124vKN4124vKN4116KH1508iKN2108KH1516iKN2116KN9108KN9116CN6000IP9001KW1000KN9000CS1182CS1184KA7166KA7168KA7169KA7171KA7178KA7177KA7520KA7570KA7920KA7970KA7120KA7170KA7130KA7175KA7176KA7140KA7230KA7240KA9120KA9140KA9520CV131ACV131BUC100KMACV100KMUC10KMDiscontinued ProductKA9130KA9131KA9170KA9570KA9233KA9222AKA9272AKA9272CV130AKA9222CV130BMP0101MCV131MP0101PMP0101UCV130MP0120MP0130MP0131CV160EA2110/2210/2310MP0170CS221GN0116KA8120UC100KMUC-20KMCS1798CS17916CS1788CS1768CS1308CS1316CS1708ACS1716ACS78ACS1208AACS1216ACS1754CS1758CS9134CS9138CS228CS428CS128ADiscontinued ProductCS1708CS1716CS1004CS1008CS1016KH98CS138AKH0116CS88AKH88KH1508AKH1516AKH2508AKH2516ADiscontinued ProductKH2508KH2516KH1508KH1516KM0832KM0432KM0216KM0932KM0532KM0032SN9108SN9116SN0108ASN0116ASN0132SN0148SN3101SN0116Discontinued ProductSN0108CCKMCCVSRCC2000Discontinued ProductCC1000CS261CS261CS2312X-EA102X-EA102X-EA112X-016G2X-017G2X-018G2X-019GEA1442EA1340EA1440EA1441EA1140EA1240Discontinued ProductPE8324APE8216PE8324PE8108PE8208Discontinued ProductPE8216rPE8324rPE9216rPE9324rPE7216rPE7324rPN5212PN5320PN7212PN7320PN9108PN0108PE5224TAPE5224TAPE5221TPE5221TPE5324TAPE5342TBPE5342TGPE5324LPE5340SLPE5108PE5208PE5216PE5324Discontinued ProductPE5220sPE5340sPE6324LPE6108PE6208PE6216PE6324PE6208AVPE6208AVEC2004EC1000PE7108PE7208PE7216PE7324Discontinued ProductPE7214PE7328Discontinued ProductPE2220PE2340PE1216PE1324Discontinued ProductPE9222PE9216PE9324PE9330eco SensorsUC232A1UC2322UC2324UC4852UC4854UC232AUC1284BUC3002UC3008UC3008Discontinued ProductUC10TUC110TUC2000LUC210TUC3410UC3410Discontinued Aten Uc232a Driver Windows 7 X64 DOWNLOADS UC232A Windows Setup_98_ME_2000_v2.1 (1891 KB)

Compatible with: Windows98,2000,ME UC232A Windows Setup_XP_Vista_Windows 7_Windows 8_Windows8.1 (3751 KB)

Compatible with 32/64bit Systems: Windows XP, Vista, Windows7, Windows Server 2008, Windows8,

From the new table that will appear, under the category Windows Legacy Software & Driver we used the latest version that was available at the time that this post was written, Note: Only install this driver when you connect the Bridgemate Pro server to a USB port using the “Aten USB-serial converter” which is supplied with the Bridgemate Pro server. Some times keystrokes did not appear on screen, in other times results would not appear correctly (they could be truncated or mixed with other data) and in general, the system acted http://www.aleis.com/aleis-software-user-guides/a-ten-usb-drivers I took delivery of my new machine last month and it's Win7-64 and I have to say it's not had any issues with the Aten interface.

Additional information There is no additional information available for this article. Aten Usb To Serial Driver Guc232a Reply Waring Hayes says: August 11, 2015 at 2:23 pm Hi Derek and firstly so sorry for not seeing this before now - did you email us as well and have Left: Old type, serial number = Z38... Doing so, these two tests led us to the conclusion that since both the cable operates properly on GNU/Linux and the board operates properly using the other cable, that the issue

Uc232a Usb To Serial Driver

You can use this driver as a replacement for your current driver should you experience problems using the Bridgemate Pro server on computers running Windows 10. Share this article Yes I found this article helpful No I did not find this article helpful Corporate Company Jobs Contact us Support Support center Downloads Developer section Legal information Terms Aten Uc232a Driver Do not forget to check with our site as often as possible in order to stay updated on the latest drivers, software and games. Uc-232a Usb To Serial Driver Windows 7 Download Thanks !

Released : 11-Jun-2010 | Last Update : 22-Jun-2015 Go Back FIND AN ALEIS DISTRIBUTOR Locating an Aleis Distributor FAQ's I have a fault with my RFID reader, who should I contact? this content You can now connect your Bridgemate Pro server via the converter. After the download was finished, we restarted the machine, plugged in the cable and gave it another go. Try to set a system restore point before installing a device driver. Aten Uc232a Chipset

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Type the characters you see in this image: Try different image Continue shopping Conditions of Use Privacy Policy © 1996-2014, Amazon.com, Inc. Usb To Serial Converter Driver Can we please take a look at this? IMPORTANT: This driver only works with the new chipset type of Aten UC232A USB-serial converters supplied after 2012.

Click on "Device Manager".

  • How to uninstall the current driver: Make sure the Aten USB to Serial converter is connected to one of the USB ports on your computer.
  • I'd like to try the alternative driver provided in this blog bur it does not contain a setup program so I wonder: how should this driver be installed ?
  • These new converters can be recognised by the third character of the serial number, which is printed on the label on the back of the converter.
  • How to install the 64-bit driver: Make sure the Aten USB to Serial converter is NOT connected to the computer.
  • The standard manufacturer supplied drivers, which work from XP through to Win 7  are here , but Tom also sourced some alternate drivers through a forum post, which are here.
  • Remove the USB converter from the USB port.
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  • Works a treat on Windows 8 64-bit Platform Reply Hakan says: July 29, 2013 at 2:42 pm Worked for me too on Windows 8 64-bit platform.
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  • Reply Ed says: December 31, 2013 at 12:30 pm Hi guys, I installed ATEN's own driver for the UC232A on my Windows 7 (64 bit) PC but it does not work.

Registered in England:2735913 Privacy Sitemap FAQ The UC232A was brand new so we tested that it works on a GNU/Linux machine, which turned out to be OK. The alternative driver above works a treat. Usb To Serial Converter Driver For Windows 10 Our serial port configuration was the following: Baud rate: 115200 Data: 8 bit Parity: none Stop: 1 bit Flow control: none Transmit delay: 5 msec/char 5 msec/line The problem We noticed

I will try to connect the console port on N5K tomorrow. No idea where you sourced it from but thanks! If after using the above methods you still cannot find the information you require, please e-mail us to let us know. check over here If the character is a digit, the converter is the old type and this converter cannot be used with 64-bit versions of Windows 10. Where to buy | Partner Center | eShop Select Region English (Global) English (US/Canada) Español (Latam) Português (Latam) 中文 (简体) 中文 (繁體) 日本語 한국어 English (UK) English (EU) Deutsch Español The program is language independent and can be used with any language system. The UC232A is a USB to serial port converter. Download the file: UC232A_Windows_Setup_V1.0.081.exe Open the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions.

Introduction Version of the Aten USB-serial converter driver has been successfully tested on 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows 10. Right-click on "USB to serial bridge" (the name may be slightly different depending on the current driver version), then click "Uninstall". When it wants to install a driver, point it an the contents of the unzipped folder containing the alternate drivers - it it will be nfo file I think, and should Kind regards, Gavin Reply Leave a Reply Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.

If the following character is a letter, the converter is the new type and can be used together with this driver. Tom has to take credit for this but glad it's done the trick. Windows 10 64-bit driver for USB-serial converter for Bridgemate Pro server Last Updated: Feb 19, 2016 03:06PM CET Summary This article describes the procedure for downloading and installing version of The data on the screen was consistent and the ghost was banished.

Double-click on "Ports (COM & LPT)". Click on the Windows key and the X key on your keyboard simultaneously to open the Quick Links menu. Need Quotes or Prices? Thanks again Tom for your assistance - we're never to proud to accept help! 11 Comments Jon Gibbins says: January 9, 2013 at 9:34 pm I've been looking high and low

The software we used was TeraTerm on a 64bit Windows 10 without installing custom drivers. Will it just not install at all or are you having problems with AudioCore? Is it the USB converter that's not playing with 64 bit Windows 7? Best regards, Waring Reply Gavin Chambers says: January 6, 2016 at 4:55 am The alternate driver even works on windows 10!!